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What do we choose? and how we choose our newest ranges

The choice available is huge and having just returned from the largest trade show in Europe, which incidentally is 3 times the size of the whole of Excel, London, I can say that with knowledge.

We viewed so many different plates but one thing was obvious through the whole of the time there is that coloured plates are the biggest trend for 2019-2020. With blues, greys and oatmeal taking the lead.

Having seen so many gorgeous ranges we are now waiting for the samples to come through so we can compare them all together to decide on what we know you will love. But, we don’t decide alone, we also ask the advice of many of our caterers, the chefs and venues that are there preparing the delicious food that will go on them.

Not just china – but cutlery too

We didn’t just look at the ranges of china but were looking for another range of cutlery to compliment the ranges we already have.

Gold being so popular we were looking at another colour of even texture to bring to life your event.



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