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Allure glass

Allure Glass Hire

Our range of Allure glass is the perfect accompaniment for serving premium wines, champagnes and prosecco.

With its tall and slender stem and elegant design it fits in perfectly for every occasion.

19oz Allure Glass

19oz Allure Glass is the largest in the range and can be used for a variety of wines.  It is could also be used as a water glasses when laying up for a more formal occasion.

14oz Allure Glass

Our mid size 14oz glass in the Allure range. Tradition would state that this is for red wine, so when filling halfway it allows the wine to breathe. But these days, anything goes.

11oz Allure Glass

The ‘baby’ of the range and, again, tradition would say this is for white wine. But its your choice. It is also a choice when you want to limit the amount of wine at a party and a smaller glass will achieve this.

7.5oz Allure Flute

A large flute for champagne or prosecco. The bowl of the glass is long and slender to hold the bubbles in the glass for longer and also letting the aroma settle.  This is a premium flute, especially for high quality ‘fizz’



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