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Windsor plate hire

Windsor Plate Hire

Our range of Windsor China is by far a stylish range of white with a hint of grey.

Highest quality European porcelain with a bright white backdrop which enhances the slight greyness of the concentric circles swirling around the plates and bowls. This range is popular due to its uniqueness of design.

Rimless, so more of the plate can be used and giving more scope to those small artistic touches.

12″ Round Windsor Plate

The 12″ Windsor Plate is the largest of the range and is used for a variety of dishes.

But it can also be used as an underplate giving a sense of style to your event. With the fine grey lines around the whole of its surface it is a beautiful plate.

10″ Round Windsor Plate

This possibly is the most popular size of Windsor Plate and is used predominantly for mains, but is is just as suitable for starters or desserts.

Having the rim allows you to use more of the plate without the restriction and allows for a bit of creative swirl.

8.5″ Round Windsor Plate

An alternative for a starter or dessert plate and also suitable for buffets where you don’t want too big a plate. But still having the same superb styling.

7″ Round Windsor Plate

The smallest of the range and ideal for a side plate for your bread at a formal event or somewhere for your scones at an afternoon tea party

10.5″ Round Windsor Risotto Bowl

A large size bowl/plate but with a perfect size space for your food. It sets off the food to its best.  The rim is 2.5″ all around giving a bowl size of 5.5″ across and 1.5″ deep with a capacity of 20cl. Great for panna cotta too

windsor plate hire

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