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Glass Hire for your Christmas and NYE parties

Glass Hire for Christmas & NYE parties

Having a Party? What do you need?

  • Glasses (and lots of them unless you want to start washing up at midnight)
  • Ice
  • Alcohol
  • Soft Drinks
  • Snacks
  • Music
Glass Hire for Christmas & NYE parties

Where To Go & Get Them

  • Glass Hire for Christmas & NYE is easy.  You can hire from a local catering hire company, like Adams Catering Hire in Enfield, who also deliver and wash up for you. Or your local supermarket, such as Waitrose, Tesco often have a glass loan service, although you may have to wash before and after you use them. A catering hire company would probably give you advice on how many glasses and what types you need, whereas the supermarket will probably only loan you a few.
  • Ice. look online.  There are plenty of ice companies out there, who will sell you crushed ice or blocks and deliver to your home. Or again, supermarkets sell ice too.
  • Alcohol.  Many shops now do a sale or return basis, providing you are buying the bulk from them.  This is a great idea as is vodka or gin going to be popular and you really do not want to run out at 11.59pm.
  • Soft drinks.  Again, the local supermarket has a great range and soft drinks have a long sell by date and so at some point you will drink them.
  • Snacks.  Depending on your take on a Christmas & NYE party whether it is just 30 packets of crisps and a scotch egg, or some shop bought canapes or you want to hire a caterer to offer some special delights. It’s all on your budget.
  • Music.  The one thing you cannot leave to chance. No listening to Capital Radio, if you want to hire a DJ, get in quick all the best ones are possibly booked by now. Or get a friend who has an extensive knowledge of music to download some tracks onto a USB stick for you, but get a backup (just in case), or even try Spotify.
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